How Do I Delete A Gmail Account? Delete A Google Account Easily


how do i delete a gmail account

Google, an awesome search engine that has a lot of features as well as services provides you with a basic e-mail adress ending with ''. you can use this basic address to get any services or to login or to create an account in any blog or websites.

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Gmail by Google is a very helpful service that let's you do a lot of things but if you have made up your mind to delete your Google account as well as your Gmail account, then we will help you by giving you a step-by-step guide on it. But before you delete your Google or Gmail account you need to keep some things in mind about what services you cannot use on that account.

How do you permanently delete a Gmail account?

To delete a Gmail account you can follow the steps given below:
  1. First, go to your Google Accounts page. You can go there by clicking on 'manage my account' in your gmail app.
  2. Then, go to the 'Data and Privacy' page and scroll down.
  3. There, you will see an option called 'Delete your Google Account'. You will click on it and give password for the account you want to delete.
  4. After giving password, it will take you to a page where you can download your data.
  5. Scroll down on the page and you will see an option called 'Delete account' but befor you click on the option you need to click on the check boxes to agree to permanently delete your data.
Here are images of the steps for better understanding:

how do i delete a gmail account

how do i delete a gmail account

how do i delete a gmail account

how do i delete a gmail account

What happens when you delete your Gmail or Google Account?

When you delete your google account, you lose every service you were taking from Google. This may include services from third party apps or websites. But, primarily, you lose some services provided by Google.

You lose your G-mail account

After deleting your google account, you will obviously no longer have any G-mail account. Which means, the mails you have sent or others have sent to you will vanish beyond recover. So, it is important to download your data before you delete your G-mail account.

You will no longer have any Google Drive account or service

Google drive, an important service of Google lets you have 15 GB storage where you can store any and every kind of file you want.

But, since it is linked to your Google account, deleting it may result in the deletion of your files hosted in Google Drive.

You will lose your YouTube account along with its videos

YouTube is another service of Google which lets you watch videos for free. But, to get more services like: liking a video, downloading a video or saving the video to your watchlist, you need to sign in with your Google mail or, G-mail account.

Deleting your account, you may never recover or use any of these services from YouTube unless you open another Google account.

You will lose access to Google Pay & Google Adsense

Any payment information, transaction history, and linked cards in Google Pay will be deleted when you delete your Google account.

That is not all, if you have an Adsense account linked with the same Google account, it will also be deleted along with the sites or YouTube channels monetized with the Adsense account.

You will lose other services from Google

Google has a variety of services like blogger, Google sites, Google notes or Google keeps, Google Maps etc which you will definitely lose if you delete your Google account. So, if you want to keep your data fron these apps or services, you might want to backup your data.

FAQs About Deleting a Gmail Account:

Will I Lose Access to Other Google Services?

Yes, deleting your Gmail account also means losing access to associated Google services like Google Drive, YouTube, and more. Download any essential data before deletion.

Can I recover permanently deleted Gmail account?

No, the deletion process is irreversible especially if it has been a while since you deleted you Google account. Make sure you're certain about deleting your account before proceeding.

But it is not always the case since you can recover recently deleted Google account. If it hasn't been too many days, then you can follow the steps given by Google to recover your Google account along with its data.

What Happens to Emails Sent to My Deleted Gmail Address?

Emails sent to your deleted Gmail address will bounce back, notifying the sender that the account no longer exists.

Can I Use the Same Email Address to Create a New Account?

No, the Gmail address associated with the deleted account can't be used to create a new account. You can choose a new email address if needed.

How Long Does it Take to Delete a Gmail Account?

It may take a few days for Google to complete the deletion process. During this time, your account remains accessible. According to a report, it takes at least 60 days to fully delete a Google account.

Before you delete your Google account take some time to fully understand if you really want to delete the Google account, especially if it's linked to various Google services. Ensure you've backed up important data and are ready to part ways with the associated services before initiating the deletion process.


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