responsive free blogger templates: Top 3 adsense friendly free blogger templates

So Hello guys, welcome again to my new blog, Dhru Blogger where I share with you some Blogging tips and tricks so that you can improve your blog site.

So guys, today we are going to be talking about some of the best Adsense approval premium free blogger templates in 2023.

So let us start today's topic where you can get the premium Blogger Templates for free.

    Why is a premium-looking template necessary for blogger?

    So guys, now let us talk about What is Google Adsense and why we should use a good-looking Premium blogger template for Adsense.

    So, Google Adsense is an Ad network that serves high-quality ads to website visitors. It is also one of the highest-paying Ad network.

    As it is one of the highest paying Ad networks, that is why content creators want to use Adsense as a source of income or, to monetize their website.

    That is why most of why want Google Adsense approval. But, Adsense only serves ads to those sites that are unique and can attract visitors. You can learn more about Adsense on their official support page.

    As Google Adsense serve ads to 3 types of site, most people choose to create a blog website. This type of site is pretty easy to create.

    But, Adsense does not only care about your content. It also cares about your template and customizations and if your website is responsive or not.

    That is why a responsive and premium-looking Blogger template is necessary for getting Google Adsense approval. 

    But, most of us are still new in the blogging field and barely have any money to spend on blogging. That is why I am providing you with the latest and premium version of some Blogger templates.

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    TechSpot premium free template

    techspot blogger template
    So guys, at first we are going to talk about TechSpot. TechSpot is a Premium-looking Blogger template.

    Even if you use the free version of TechSpot, you won't even feel the difference between the premium template and the Free template.

    Because there is not much difference between the premium version of this template. But still, the premium version of TechSpot is awesome.

    Because, you can customize it easily, you can enjoy many features that are in a premium blogger template.

    TechSpot free version features

    • Fully Responsive blogger template.
    • Supported for any kind of Language.
    • This theme supports boxed mode.
    • Responsive & Awesome Header Bar.
    • Related posts or, products supported.
    • Users can Embed YouTube Videos and Images in Comments Via Links.
    • Mailchimp Subscribe Form supported in this theme.
    • Advanced About us Section added.
    • Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors, and Fonts.
    • Responsive blogger template.
    • Fast loading blogger template.
    • Seo-friendly and SEO-optimized blogger template.
    • Adsense-friendly blogger template.

    Guys, these are the features of the free version of Techspot blogger template. Now, let us see the premium features of the TechSpot blogger template.

    Premium features of TechSpot

    • Responsive Header ads.
    • No Encrypted Scripts.
    • Footer credits removed.
    • Custom Footer Credits.
    • Lifetime Template Updates.
    • Dark Mode supported.
    • Advanced Trending Section added.
    • You can get +8 Flexible Ads Sections.
    • You can add AdSense In-Feed ads.
    • You can add a Table of Contents to your articles.
    • Responsive & Flexible Footer Ads.

    Live preview: Click Here

    Download premium version from Google Drive: Click Here

    Median UI: Fast Loading Blogger Template

    Median ui

    Friends in this blog, we have presented you with Median UI. This is an Adsense approval blogger template and has many amazing features.

    Such as This template is fast loading and SEO friendly. So, you can do SEO with this template and rank your articles on Google.

    Because SEO is required to rank on the top pages of Google. So, if you are struggling with ranking your article, this template might help you.

    Again, this is a responsive template. As you know, Google Adsense approves those sites that have a unique and quality article and responsive template.

    So, getting Adsense approval might be easy for you if you use this theme. Now, let me give you some features of this theme.

    Features for Median UI:

    • Easy to customize Median UI.
    • Primary Color Option present.
    • SVG Icon present.
    • Custom Widgets added (customizable).
    • Responsive Blogger Template.
    • 100% SEO Friendly blogger template.
    • Custom 404 page added.
    • Mobile-Friendly Blogger Theme.
    • Featured Post slot on Homepage.
    • Auto 'Read More' with Thumbnail added.
    • Ads ready Blogger Template.
    • Adsense Friendly Blogger Template.
    • Multi Dropdown Menu present in Median UI.
    • Recent post widget added to this theme.
    • Responsive Menu and Layout present in Median UI.
    Friends, if you need to download this template, then you can get it for free. I am providing you with the Google Drive file to Download this premium Template for free.

    Live Preview: Click Here

    Google Drive Download: Click Here

    MSD Grid: Adsense approval blogger template

    Guys, MSD Grid is a great blogger template. If you want to get better SEO results, you must use it.

    This template is fast loading and the design is responsive. This means you can get Adsense approval pretty easily.

    There is also a special feature about this template. If you use this premium template,  then you can feature an image at the top just like a WordPress theme.

    adsense approval blogger template

    There is also a responsive menu option. Here, you can link to any useful sites with icons. You can also find a dark mode theme on this menu.

    Friends, you can even show them your website's categories,  about yourself or, how to get notified. Again, you can link your social sites too.

    Features for MSD Grid:

    • Has a responsive Grid-style.
    • 100% mobile and desktop responsive blogger template.
    • Has a good score in the Google PageSpeed Insights test.
    • Fast loading blogger theme.
    • This theme is Schema Ready.
    • This template has a valid rich test score.
    • MSD Grid is Adsense friendly.
    • MSD Grid has a special Sticky Widget ( Sidebar ).
    • Featured Post Widget added.
    • Social Share Buttons are available on the top.
    • This theme has a WordPress theme look.
    Live Preview: Click Here.

    Google Drive Download: Click here.

    So, guys, this is it for this article. I'll catch you up in the next one. For now, goodbye and I hope you liked the Premium & Responsive themes.


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