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Top Blogging Topics in 2023 For Begginers

top blogging topics in 2021


hello everyone and welcome to our blog Dhru blogger. In this kind of post, I share you some blogging tips and topics by which you will be highly profited. If you start working on those tips or topics, then I assure you that, you will definitely succeed lr gain success. Guys, blogging is very easy. those people who really want to earn money online really, have or I will give you some important blogging topics with which you can easily earn money online even while you are sleeping.

Guys, if you want to or you're willing to start blogging, then I will recommend you to use where you can get free subdomain named '' even with free hosting. So, it is really a place for you to start blogging quickly. Again, if you want to start blogging in wordpress in the beginning, then you are going to have to invest more money than you ever imagined. But still, there is a problem in wordpress. Because, if you are having more and more traffic than usual, then your blog or website might even crash. So, you won't get so much profit in self hosted or in wordpress hosting.

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On the other hand, if we see or use blogger, in this case you will not be needing any paid hosting nor any paid domain. As I have already told you that in blogger, you get a free subdomain. So, here your work is just to post articles in blogger. That is why, is best for the beginners. In blogger, you won't face any problem as it is one of the google products. So, you won't face any problems. By the by, you will even get high traffic on blogger and your posts or articles will definitely be indexed and ranked in blogger. So, no need to worry if you are using blogger. Now, guys, let us know the most profitable topics for blogging in 2023.

 Top Blogging Topics in 2023

top blogging topics in 2021

No: 1. Fitness Blogs

top blogging topics in 2021

Guys, this topic is often on the Google trends list. If you really want to work on this topic, then you need to work on your blog daily and then, you will get your result right in front of you. Now, if you copy, paste other's articles, then you will get low content value and you won't get that much high traffic. Now, I am not telling you not to copy paste. But, it is better not to do it. It is completely your wish. Of you really work in this topic, then (on your own without copy and paste) you might get low traffic but, your earning will be higher and you will earn much better.

If you want to start a blog in this topic, then you can even get traffic from Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit etc. Even if your blog is not ranking on the Google search engine, then still, you can easily drive traffic to your blog using Facebook and Reddit as you are working on health topics. You can share your articles there and get up to 1M+ views to your blog or website. Now, here comes the thing about ideas, if you cannot think of an article for your blog, then just search on google and you will get more and more blogging topics from others.

No: 2. Sports Blogs

top blogging topics in 2021

 Guys, even in sports blog, there are a lot of traffic. Specially on those events where there is a match between India and Pakistan. Like IPL, PSL. At that time, there are a lot of people searching for those games. So, some of them might even visit your blog, as a result, you will get a lot of traffic in this topic. Because, in this kind of blog, people search the most as a result of the game. So, you can say that you can earn more traffic and earn just like you can get money in the fitness blog.

Here, you will sometimes get high quality cpc which will even make your earning more interesting and profitable. So, guys, if you write some unique articles in the beginning, then you might quickly get google adsense approval within a short time. So, there will be no tention of earning. On the other hand, if you copy paste other's article, then you will get a low percent of getting an adsense approval on your website or blog.

No: 3 Cryptocurrency Blogs

top blogging topics in 2021

 Guys, this is the best and the easiest blogging topic. In this topic, you can post reviews and news about cryptocurrency. And, 'how to make free cryptocurrency' in this title, or topic, the CPC and CPM is always high. You will never get low CPC or CPM in this topic. So, you can use any ad network to monetize your website or content. In any ad network, you will obviously get the highest revenue. So, if you are willing to do blogging, then I will recommend you to try posting on this topic at first. This is very easy. So, there will be almost low copy or pase ( 70% ). While, if you give review about crypto ad network, then you will obviously gain 70% less plagiarism. So, you can copy and paste as much as you want. But still, if you are willing to get adsense approval, then don't do it.

Even if you have low traffic or no traffic, then you can make traffic from reddit and quora. You will obviously gain high quality traffic from there. You can even get traffic from Facebook.

No: 4 Gaming Blogs

top blogging topics in 2021

 Guys, there are many ways to earn online. But, it is only for those who are really into working hard. But, it is not for them who just want to earn easily and quit after they get no result. They just run after of hanker after money and earning the wrong and the easiest way. To earn the right way, you have got to do some hard work and as you know, industry is the key to success, then you will obviously get success. If you are willing to create a gaming blog, then you will obviously need to work hard and then, you will get your result. A gaming blogger almost earn 500 to 1000 dollars per month. So, it is obviously insane. You will get higher and better traffic from Facebook,  Twitter, Quora, Tumbler, Reddit and so on. But, you will get most of your traffic from Facebook if you create a public group. Most of the people search about gaming, so your earning will be higher and you will need to compete with other bloggers in this case as this is one of the greatest and the easiest topic to earn money online.

Now, if you have already set up your mind to do gaming blogging, then I would like to give you a little bit of a boost. Most of the people nowadays search for PUBG mobile. So, start with this topic at first. You need to post some articles about earning or getting free diamonds at first. Now, if you talk about apk file, then you will also get some vies as it is always trending and people are always searching about this. After that, you just need to wait and watch how your blog blows out getting viral one day. There will be more shares than you ever imagined.

No: 5 Online Earning Topic

top blogging topics in 2021

 So, if you guys love posting about earning, then this one is only for you. This is the topic where you will get your value. Guys, I have worked on many topics. So, I know how much you can earn Earning topics have the most highest CPC. So, here there can be a copy paste of 50%. It doesn't matter of 50%. Even if you write 100% yourself, then it will be 50% plagiarism. So, you can copy 50% from anywhere and it will not matter. You acn review on some websites of ad network and such things. These things must be websites that provide a quality earning.

Guys, on the internet,  most of the guys do their blogs on online earning. So, it's ranking is very hard for beginners. If you are a beginner, then I wouldn't recommend you to work on this topic. Because, you won't get much traffic from google search. But, I can assure you that you will get a huge amount of traffic from other social websites. There, the people search many questions about earning. I will recommend you to work on low competition keywords if you want to rank your website on google search. But, if you want high traffic from other websites, then it is also fine. There is no problem in it. You can answer questions about earning and give link to your website. As a result, you can generate easy traffic from social websites.

Starting a blog from scratch:

Now, the most important part is that, if you want to rank your website on google, then you will need a quality theme or template for blogger. Don't worry. I have got it. I have already posted an article about the best themes for ranking on google and the best themes for getting adsense approval.


So, guys, these were the top topics for starting a blog in 2023. You have my word that you will not be deceived by reading our article. Because, I assure you that I provide you with quality articles.

So, if you liked our article, then please comment how you liked it. Now,  if you did not like out article, please comment down below and I will obviously solve it. Because, you know that I always try to provide you with quality articles.

That is it for today, guys. Goodbye.


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