how to monetize tiktok: Top 10 ways to monetize your tiktok account

TikTok is a social platform that has over one billion views or Impressions per month. It is still growing and acquiring more and more viewers every month.

Because it is such a big platform TikTok has now also enabled monetization process through which famous creators as well as influencers can make videos and earn as much money as they can.

in this article you are going to learn how to monetize your TikTok with the best possible ways. stay with us to learn the top 10 ways of how you can monetize your tiktok account today.

How To Get Monetized On Tiktok

how to monetize tiktok

How Can I Monetize My Tiktok Account?

There are a lot of ways you can make money on TikTok or, monetize your TikTok account. For example, you can use Cross-Promotion, Influencer, Marketing Agencies, Contests and Challenges, Donations, Fan Funding, Brand Partnerships, Teaching and Consultation, Merchandise Sales, Offer Services, Promote Your Other Platforms, Crowdfunding, Live Stream Gifts, Sell Products, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content, TikTok Ads as a methods to earn from your TikTok account.

Each method has its own potential according to your traffic. But, among them, some of the methods profit most general niches and is suitable for your audience. That is what we are going to learn today.

Stream live on TikTok

You can earn money from TikTok when you stream online on net TikTok account. Which means you get paid for broadcasting your own contents.

But for earning through live streaming, you have to meet some requirements set up by TikTok. For this Tiktok creators must have at least 1000 followers so that they can monetize their videos.

The viewers can buy different coins and later send this coins or gift them to the TikTok creators when they stream live. The TikTok creators can then exchange these coins or gifts for real currency. This is one of the many ways any TikTok creator can generate revenue or profit or Monetize their TikTok account irrelevant of their content niche.

Use Affiliate Marketing to generate more revenue in TikTok

how do you get monetized on tiktok

Affiliate marketing means when you use a referral code given to you by a website to drive traffic and track how much traffic or sells you have made. A lot of websites will give you your own code so that your viewers can buy products using your code.

This lets the website owners know how much lead you have created for them. But that is not all.

Because, you will obviously get paid whenever someone uses your link or code to buy something. But that is not a big amount.

You will only get a fraction of the main price of the product. So, the more you make sales through your unique link, the more you earn. If you don't know how affiliate marketing works, you can check these articles:

Earn money using TikTok ads

To boost your business or online store sales, you can use TikTok Ads. You do need a little bit of investment, but they're easy to work with and help you reach the right people.

First, create a TikTok Ads Manager account. Just give some basic info and agree to the rules. Once approved, you can start making your ad!

In the Ads Manager, go to 'Campaigns,' click 'Create,' and name your campaign. Set a budget, choose your target audience, pick where the ad shows on TikTok, and add a video or picture for your ad. TikTok will show your ad to the right viewers, and you can watch your sales go up.

TikTok also has 'Promote,' which turns regular posts into ads in the app. It is very easy as you just need to be 18 and agree to the rules.

Accept Donations and Tips from your audience

Tips and donations is a great way to monetize you TikTok account as there is no limitation of how much you can earn. The earnings all the depends on the amount of donations you get from you uses or audience.

So, no limitations and unlike other monetization features there is no specific niches that gives you higher revenue. Donations and tips will work on any type of your content regardless what type of content you make on TikTok.

But to make sure you are from donations and tips you need to follow some rules and regulations that have already been said by TikTok. These rules are:

  1. You need to live in places where donations feature for TikTok is available.
  2. You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for this TikTok monetization system.
  3. Have at least 100,000 followers to apply for this monetization process of TikTok.
  4. Agree with TikTok's Community Guidelines and Terms of Services for being eligible for monetization through donations.
  5. For monetization through donations, you need to have a personal TikTok account as a business account cannot apply for monetization through donations and tips.
These were the main things TikTok needs for you to meet in order that you can monetize your TikTok account using Donations and Tips. But violating any criteria can lead you to be permanently or temporarily removed from receiving tips.

Also, you can only reapply for monetization through donations after every 30 days. So, make sure your account meets the following requirements.

TikTok pulse for monetizing your TikTok

In this monetization system of TikTok, you can get 50% split of ad revenue from TikTok and brand ads will also appear in the top 4% of content on any given day.

But not everyone can use TikTok pulse as it is not available for every user or content creator. TikTok will give this feature to some selected creators. But it is still a great way for advertisers to get their products or videos boosted.

Again, not all types of niche creators can get TikTok pulse as TikTok offers TikTok pulse to only fashion, beauty, gaming, cooking, books, sports, and health and wellness niche or topics.

Earn from Merchandise sales

There are a lot of creators that sell their own clothes or create a website that has various clothing styles displayed on it. They do this to boost their earnings.

Even the biggest YouTuber Mr. beast with almost 193 Million subscribers does this to boost his revenue. He boosts his website or encourages his viewers to go to the website and buy his merchandise products.

He does not stay limited to one store. He has his own chocolate brand, Feastables where he sells various kinds of chocolates and earns more and more revenue from selling Feastables.

Mr. Beast also has where he also sells merchandise and various clothes. Mr beast has his own burger shop website where he sells delicious burgers. This shop that Mr. Beast owns is called Mr. Beast Burger.

Last, but not the least, Mr. Beast also has a Philanthropy website called Beast Philanthropy which aims at making people's lives better. This Mr. Beast website has a noble goal of ending world hunger.

So, you can follow what big YouTubers as well as TikTokers do to boost their monthly revenue and create your own products and advertise them on your own videos to monetize your TikTok account.

Take TikTok Brand Partnerships

Monetizing you tiktok with brand partnership is not an easy task. Because, you need to have a lot of followers to have a brand deal or partnership.

that is why if you wish to take brain partnerships and earn from TikTok, then you need to make sure that your channel or your TikTok profile is growing and has a lot of traffic potential.

Reach out to Brands For Monetizing your TikTok with Brand Partnerships:

lot of the time if you have a lot of followers then Brands will automatically contact you for partnership. But, even if you have a lot of traffic or followers in TikTok, you may still not get any Brand deals.

So if you meet the requirements of any brand partnerships or deals, then you can contact them directly. Make sure to give them proof of your followers engagements and let them know how they can get a lot of traffic into their products or services.

Monetize your TikTok through Teaching and Consultation

Everyone has a topic in which they excell. For example, you might have a better understanding on websites and codings. This is what you can teach your TikTok and grab your potential client's attention.

You can use this trick to monetize your TikTok. To do that you need to at first give a glimpse of what you can teach you clients. Then, you can offer the courses for better understanding the topic.

You can even host one-on-one consultations, group webinars, or online courses for that. Charge them a fair price for your courses so that they can refer more clients to you.

Sell Products on your TikTok videos

Opening an online website is not an easy task. Specially if the website is new. But it is not impossible. You can easily sell the products from your website if you have the right traffic.

Even if you don't rank your website in Google search engine or Bing or any other search engines, you can still make sure your E-commerce website generates you revenue.

You can make review videos of your products that you sell on your website in TikTok or any other social platforms. Make sure to let the clients or buyers know what type of product it is, if it is actually good for them or if it has any side effects.

Even though this might look like affiliate marketing, or merchandise, it is actually not. Because, this step is only for people who own an online shop website or an E-commerce website.

If you do not have an E-commerce website but are still interested in monetizing your TikTok through an E-commerce website, then you can use website builders like Shopify. These builders have a built-in templates, best for Online shopping website.

Make TikTok Series to monetize your TikTok

TikTok Series is a new type of monetization system within TikTok that let's content creators put a price on there series contents. This is like making your content premium.

Creating a series is a great way to share what you know. You can share things like your workout plan, cooking recipes, photo editing tips, or DIY hair coloring.

You can also ask your followers what they'd like to see in your series to make them happy. You have a lot of chances to make really good and helpful videos.

How To Monetize Your Tiktok Using TikTok Series?

To make sure you can monetize your TikTok using TikTok series, you must follow the requirements set by TikTok. These requirements are:

  • Be at least 18 years old or older to make TikTok series.
  • Make sure your account is old or was created at least 30 days ago.
  • Make sure that your TikTok account is public before monetizing your TikTok.
  • Post at least 3 public posts or more within the last 30 days of applying for monetization through Series.
  • Make sure you have a good audience experience or have at least 1,000 views in your TikTok within the last 30 days.
  • Post contents that are yours or unique or is not someone else's content.
  • If you have paid content experience in other platforms, you might be asked to show that your contents are loved and are being bought by the audience. This does not apply for all creators.
  • Make sure your content does not violate any of TikTok's guidelines and follows their Terms and services.
Even if you are eligible, some TikTok accounts may not get approval for monetization through TikTok series. For example: Business Accounts, political, and private accounts are not eligible for monetization through Series.

Questions about How to monetize your TikTok

Question: How much does TikTok pay per 1,000 views?

Answer: TikTok pays according to the niche the content creators make. But on an average, TikTok only pays 0.02$ to 0.04$ per 1,000 views.

Question: How many followers do you need to monetize TikTok?

Answer: For earning money on TikTok, you can start even if you have 1,000 followers depending on the monetization system you choose to earn through TikTok. But, for getting a decent revenue through TikTok, it is recommended to have at least 10k followers and 100,000 views per month.

Question: How much money is 500 views on TikTok?

Answer: According to the reports of the top TikTok influencers, TikTok pays about 0.02$ to 0.04$ per 1,000 views. So, for 500 views, you get about 0.01$ to 0.02$ on TikTok.


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