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 How to use our free Png to Webp tool:

1. Click on the "choose file" button (Blue) to choose a png file. Make sure that the file is in .png format or else the tool will not work.

2. Select your png image to convert to webp.

3. Click on the "Convert to Webp" button to convert your png image to a webp image.

4. When you click on the "Convert to Webp" button, your image will be automatically downloaded.

What is webp?

Webp means 'Web Picture format' and this image format was developed by Google in 2010. So, WebP is a reletevely new image format. WebP employs a combination of lossy and lossless compression, making it a compelling choice for web optimization and WebP format is mostly popular among web developers.

Lossy and Lossless Modes:

Webp image format offers you to keep your image quality both Lossy and Lossless. By this, we mean that the Webp format lets you to choose if you want the image quality to remain the same or not.

Webp lets you make your image quality lossy as you can choose if you want to make your image quality get wasted or not. For lossy mode, the image quality is slightly hampered but the file size is less or, it takes less space.

For lossless mode, you can choose to keep your image quality while converting to webp format. This mode lets you keep your image quality but takes slightly more space than that of lossy mode. This mode is recommended for everyone since their image quality is not hampered.

Small File Sizes

Webp format lets you to keep your image quality the same as before. But that doesn't mean that your image will take more space because, it will still take less space than that of other formats like PNG and JPEG.

Why Convert PNG to WebP?

WepP is a great image format that the new bloggers can use since it uses less space and still keeps the quality intact. That is why, it is gradually becoming more and more popular between new web developers.

Webp is the greatest image format for web developers:

Webp lets web developers specially the new ones to upload more and more image and make sure more images can be uploaded in thier website instead of only one.

Other image formats take up a lot of space where webp takes less space than those formats. So, web developers can use more and more images with the same space as other image formats.

That is not all, as webp improves the speed of webpage as it takes less time for visitors to load a page than usual. This makes sure that the visitors have great engagement on the site.

Since the page loads fast, the website ranks gradually as Google prioritizes websites with less loading time. Because, audience hate websites that takes long time to load.

Choosing the Right PNG to WebP Converter

There are a lot of websites that offer you to convert your png or jpg images to webp format. But, their main motive is to either take information or, earn from you.

Some sites even have harmful viruses that harm your device. Other sites may not do this but, most of them have a daily limit reaching which, you need to sign up to their website or pay for their tools.

But, dhrublogger doesn't do that as we like to keep everything simple for our audience as well as make sure that you have a good time while using our tools.

So, you can use our tool for free as much as you like as we don't charge any money to you for using our tools. There isn't even any time limit or, any limit for using our tools. Let that be the Binary to text translation tool , Text to Binary language Translation tool or, any other tools.

Tips for Optimizing WebP Images

If you want to ensure greater user experience, you must use webp image format. Because, it makes sure that your image loads faster and takes less and less time for your image to load on your site.

To further optimization of your website, you can add the "loading='lazy'" in your <img> html format. For example: <img alt="mr beast" border="0" data-original-height="628" data-original-width="1000" src="mrbeast.webp" title="mr beast" loading="lazy" />

Here after your webp image, you can add loading='lazy' for lazy loading your image. This makes sure that your images load after the web page loads.

Can PNG be converted to WebP?

Yes, Png can be converted to webp. There are a lot of websites that let you convert png to webp like: You can also use these sites besides Dhru Blogger to see which site gives you better image quality.

Is WebP better than PNG?

In a sense, webp is actually better than PNG as it lets you to have image quality with low space to store it. A great difference between Webp and Png is that WebP supports animation besides image, while PNG does not.

Is WebP lossless?

Webp provides both lossy as well as lossless image conversation mode and according to Google developers, WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs.

Is WebP high-quality?

Yes, webp gives you high quality compression since Google has already discussed that webp format gives you an average of 30% more compression than JPEG and JPEG 2000.

Webp doesn't even have that much of loss in image quality and in Google study, it is found that webp images essentially aims at creating smaller, better looking images that can help make the web faster.

My dear friends, that is it for this tool and if you think that this tool was helpful and there can be more tools we need to make, then make sure to let us know and we will try to create that tool.


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